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Billede af bogen Cowboys, the Real Story of Cowboys and Cattlemen

Senest opdateret 19. maj

Cowboys, the Real Story of Cowboys and Cattlemen

Af Royal B. Hassrick

fra 1974 på forlaget Octopus Books

Kategorier: Amerika/USA, Historie:Kultur

pris: 70 kr – stand: ★★★★★★

Vægt: 900 gram

Hardback med smudsomslag. 144 sider. Surveys the past and present-day activities, character, and ways of life of the cowboy and the history of the American cattle industry. It might say it's the "Real Story" of the cowboys and cattlemen, but be aware that the author has a definite bias. An entertaining read with some interesting stories, but anyone who was an obstacle for those old-time cowpunchers was labeled or presented in a derogatory fashion (even when their concerns were reasonable and valid, like having their own land trampled by passing cows or their own livestock infected with disease-carrying ticks). The book doesn't only focus on the cowboys of the 1800s, though, but includes a look at the profession up to the time time of publication in the 1970s. Filled with photos and artwork, including paintings by Charles M. Russell and Frederick Remington.

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