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Billede af bogen Waiting for the All Clear

Senest opdateret 19. maj

Waiting for the All Clear

Af Ben Wicks

fra 1990 på forlaget Bloomsbury

Kategorier: Anden verdenskrig, Engelsk, Historie:Europa

pris: 80 kr – stand: ★★★★★★

Vægt: 553 gram

Hardback med fejlfrit smudsomslag. September 1940 marked the beginning of a concentrated campaign of German air raids on Britain's cities that was to last more than seven months. The Blitz, as it became known, claimed the lives of some 40,000 British civilians and left hundreds of thousands of others wounded, bereaved or homeless. Now, 50 years later, some of the survivors recall the time. Ben Wicks compiled the book by placing advertisements in newspapers throughout the world, asking those who lived through the Blitz to write to him with their memories. Thousands of people responded, and the book contains the most moving, evocative and amusing of these recollections which are woven into a poignant work of eyewitness history.

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