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Billede af bogen New Standards. Timber Houses 1940-1955

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New Standards. Timber Houses 1940-1955

Af Vesikansa, Kristo, Philip Tidwell & Laura Berger (eds.). Photographer Juuso Westerlund

1. udgave fra 2021 på forlaget Garret

Oplag: 1

ISBN: 978-952-7222-13-3

Kategorier: Arkitektur, Samfund & historie, Industri, Håndværk, Design

pris: 435 kr – stand: ★★★★★★

Vægt: 1050 gram

293 sider. Orig. helshirting m. påsat s/h illustr. Illustr. s/h og farver. Finlands officielle bidrag på Arkitektur Biennalen i Venedig 2021: PAVILION OF FINLAND AT THE 17TH INTERNATIONAL ARCHITECTURE EXHIBITION OF LA BIENNALE DI VENEZIA New Standards examines the conditions that affect standard, industrial and manufactured buildings by revisiting a forgotten chapter of wood construction in post-war Finland. The story centers on the industrial enterprise Puutalo Oy (Timber Houses Ltd.), which was established in 1940 as part of Finland’s response to a refugee crisis brought about by war. In less than a decade, the company became one of the largest manufacturers of prefabricated wooden buildings in the war. Tens of thousands of buildings were shipped from Finland to every inhabited continent, constructing a legacy of housing and urbanization that has been largely overlooked. Today, these wooden houses may be the nation’s most widespread architectural export. Situated at the intersection of architecture and industrial design, they use a limited range of components to achieve thousands of variations for different functional, climatic and cultural conditions. The book offers a new perspective on this legacy through careful analysis these buildings and projects as they emerged from a rapidly changing political landscape. Commissioned essays examine the domestic legacy of the company and buildings, as well as sites of export such as the Stalinist Soviet Union and Cold War Berlin. These historical studies are complemented by contemporary images from acclaimed photographer Juuso Westerlund, which offer a view of buildings and residents in three neighborhoods today. Ex.: Finnebyen Aarhus, 1947 - : The Finneby neighborhood of Aarhus, built in the mid 1940s, is the largest complex of Puutalo houses in Denmark. In order to alleviate the post-war housing shortage, the Danish government included a large number of prefabricated buildings in the trade agreement that it signed with Finland in 1945. In return for wooden buildings and other products from the forest industry, Denmark exported food to Finland. Over two years, Finnish construction suppliers delivered almost 800 houses, 574 of them supplied by Puutalo. The houses were erected throughout Denmark, sometimes in large developments and sometimes as individual buildings. MEGET FLOT PUBLIKATION. NY

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