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Senest opdateret 13. november

Alone together - Why we expect more from tecnology and less from each other

Af Turkle, Sherry

fra 2011 på forlaget Basic Books

ISBN: 9780465010219

Kategorier: Engelsk, Samfund & historie, Samfundsvidenskab

pris: 170 kr – stand: ★★★★

Hardback med smudsomslag. 360 sider. Sprog: Engelsk. In "Alone Together," MIT technology and society professor Sherry Turkle explores the power of our new tools and toys to dramatically alter our social lives. It's a nuanced exploration of what we are looking for--and sacrificing--in a world of electronic companions and social networking tools, and an argument that, despite the hand-waving of today's self-described prophets of the future, it will be the next generation who will chart the path between isolation and connectivity. (1911-0357).

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