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Senest opdateret 21. august


Af Patrick Bishop

fra 2007

Kategori: Krigs bøger

pris: 55 kr – stand: ★★★★★

Vægt: 500 gram

289 sider, ill, pb. - Afghanistan in the summer of 2006. In blazing heat in remote outposts the 3 Para battlegroup is pitted against a stubborn enemy who keep on coming. Until now, the full story of what happened there has not been told. This is it. In April 2006, the elite 3 Para battlegroup was despatched to Helmand Province in southern Afghanistan. They were tasked with providing security to reconstruction efforts, a deployment it was hoped would pass off without a shot being fired. In fact, over the six months they were there, the 3 Para battle group saw near continuous combat – one gruelling battle after another – in what would become one of the most extraordinary campaigns ever fought by British troops. - Krigen i Afghanistan

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