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Senest opdateret 28. april

India's Struggle for Freedom - An Album

Af Government of West Bengal

1. udgave fra 1987 på forlaget Department of Information & Cultural Affairs, Government of West Bengal

Kategori: Historie:Verden

pris: 275 kr – stand: ★★★★★

4to., 12 + 229 pp. The object of this album is to bring to light, the relatively untold, organised role of common people in the anti-colonial struggle in India during the years 1757 to 1947. Brief factual accounts, authentic documents, and visuals including rare photographs, sketches, paintings related to the struggle constitute the principal material of this album. A short introductory chapter highlights diverse streams of the freedom struggle - Chronologically arranged visuals from the mobilisation of the rival armies on the plains of Plassey to the memorial of Gandhiji. Original binding without dust cover.

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