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Senest opdateret 23. november

China illustrated. Western views of the middle Kingdom

Af Hacker, Arthur

fra 2004 på forlaget Tuttle

ISBN: 804835195

Kategori: Øvrige

pris: 260 kr

Sideantal: 288
Indbinding: Original bind med smudsomslag, sort format
Summary: This beautifully illustrated social history highlights various aspects of traditional China as seen through the eyes of foreign visitors and residents from the time of the first trading contacts with China in the mid-sixteenth century to the beginning of World War II. The lives and lifestyles of the fascinating mix of people who came to China, as well as the places they visited and the sights and customs that attracted their attention, are set against the backdrop of China's great cities and it's ancient culture. A short history of the period sets the scene in each chapter, allowing the reade

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