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Billede af bogen  The art of Calligraphy

Senest opdateret 13. september

The art of Calligraphy

Af George L. Thomson

fra 1986 på forlaget Treasure press

ISBN: 1 -85051-156 -X

Kategori: Håndarbejde/hobby/håndværk

pris: 230 kr – stand: ★★★★★

Vægt: 611 gram

The art of Calligraphy – 160 pages – Hardback, spiral. This comprehensive guide contains a unique method for gaining competence in the art of calligraphy. The method employed uses large movements to fix the required strokes in the mind, since it is easy to see the subtleties and mechanics of a large letter, and these are scated down as skill is acquired. Stamp inside the cover. B2208 -20 –10043 - Pris ex forsendelse

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