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How to Listen with Intention: the Foundation of True Connection, Communication, and Relationships

Af Patrick King

fra 2020-06-16

ISBN: 979-86-5436-319-0

pris: 65 kr – stand: ★★★

OBS!! Overstregninger i bogen! Learn to connect, create rapport, develop trust, and build deep relationships. In this day and age, the art of deep listening is a superpower. If you can make someone feel heard and important, you are on the highway to their heart. And it's not as difficult or complex as you think. How to go from stranger to cherished friend in record time. How to Listen with Intention is ultimately a book about relationships. A relationship must be give-and-take - are you taking more than you are giving? Are you making people feel comfortable opening up to you? Are you listening well, or unwittingly being a conversational/relationship narcissist?It's time to ask these difficult questions and learn the skills to not only help people in times of need, but create new friendships with just about anyone -- after all, who doesn't like to be heard? Increase your emotional intelligence and people analyzing skills. Patrick King is an internationally bestselling author and social skills coach. His writing draws a variety of sources, from scientific research, academic experience, coaching, and real-life experience. Understand people two levels beneath their actual words. --The most damaging mindsets for listening.--How we are all biologically programmed to be terrible listeners, and we have no idea about it.--The one person you should emulate for better listening.--How listening styles, frames, and levels can help you - and how you are not even close to what you think you are.--The concept of active, reflective listening, and why it's so tough.--Reading people, emotional intelligence, and empathy. Become the most trusted ally and source of comfort and understanding. Ease people's burdens, and they will help you with yours. If you want to improve the quality of your relationships, understand conflict resolution, hear people's deepest desires, and jump into people's inner circles, this is the book for you. You are about to learn the most valuable interpersonal skill of all, even more important than witty banter and charisma. Speak up, be heard, and get ready to listen. Click the BUY Button and start your journey. This is the seventh book in the "How to be More Likable and Charismatic" series as listed below:1. Improve Your Conversations: Think on Your Feet, Witty Banter, and Always Know What To Say with Improv Comedy Techniques2. Improve Your People Skills

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