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Billede af bogen Fundamental Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

Senest opdateret 6. marts

Fundamental Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

Af David Howell

fra 2017 på forlaget Cengage Learning

ISBN: 13-0565-297-5

Kategorier: Faglitteratur, Matematik, Statistik, Studiebøger

pris: 310 kr – stand: ★★★★★★

Vægt: 1360 gram

Hardback, engelsk FUNDAMENTAL STATISTICS FOR THE BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES focuses on providing the context of statistics in behavioral research, while emphasizing the importance of looking at data before jumping into a test. This practical approach provides students with an understanding of the logic behind the statistics, so they understand why and how certain methods are used -- rather than simply carry out techniques by rote. Students move beyond number crunching to discover the meaning of statistical results and appreciate how the statistical test to be employed relates to the research questions posed by an experiment. Written in an informal style, the text provides an abundance of real data and research studies that provide a real-life perspective and help students learn and understand concepts. In alignment with current trends in statistics in the behavioral sciences, the text emphasizes effect sizes and meta-analysis, and integrates frequent demonstrations of computer analyses through SPSS and R.

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