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Billede af bogen Fundamentals of corporate finance

Senest opdateret 9. februar

Fundamentals of corporate finance

3. udgave fra 2017 på forlaget McGraw-Hill Education

ISBN: 9781526822178

pris: 85 kr – stand: ★★★★★

The exciting new third edition of Fundamentals of Corporate Finance uses a unique problem solvingapproach and student friendly writing style to bring to life modern-day coreprinciples covered in Corporate Finance courses. It has been fully updated toreflect the most current and topical trends and developments in CorporateFinance. Key features of this new edition include:New Real World Insights use well-knowninternational companies such as Uber, Elringklinger GB, Apple, Google andAdidas, as well as drawing on world events, to show how companies put CorporateFinance into practice and how real world events affect their corporate financedecisions. New coverage inthe International Corporate Finance chapter on Islamic finance.Updated BehaviouralFinance chapter has been enhanced by new coverage in the subject area. Updated examples which use hypotheticalexamples to take students step-by-step through concepts in a clear and coherentmanner to help their understanding and learning. The extensive end of chapter content has been updated withmany brandnew practice questions and problems, organized by level of difficulty.New to thisedition is SmartBook with integratedlearning resources. When engaged with SmartBook's adaptive reading experience,students are guided towards textbook content that has the maximum learningimpact every time they study. This creates an entirely personalized learningexperience for each individual student. The learning resources reinforceimportant concepts at precise moment they need help.

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