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Conversations with Bob Moore

Af Anna & Alexander Mauthner

2. udgave fra 1993

Kategorier: Selvhjælp, Selvudvikling, Spiritualitet

pris: 200 kr – stand: ★★★★★

Bob Moore has inspired many therapists and teachers in Denmark and in many other countries all over the world. He has always communicated his teachings directly to his students. This book is unique. Through a series of conversations he shares his wisdom for the first time to a wider circle of readers. The book has previously been published to a closed group of students. With this book it is now available to everyone and includes two new appendixes. It is a book that can be read many times. Bob Moore's words are often deeper than we might understand in the first place. The book deals primarily with the philosophy behind Bob Moore's work. In Bob Moore's teaching the way to help others is through efforts to understand and help ourselves. It is from this understanding that we can understand and transform our problems through connection to our spiritual qualities. It is based on knowledge of human energy structures and a deep understanding of how we can work with these energy structures. Through working with ourselves and our energy structures, we are able to achieve a more genuine connection to ourselves - and thus to other people. Spiritual development: "To understand yourself means working with yourself, and working on yourself means going deeper, while looking at different states of consciousness and different degrees of contact that you have with yourself – the most important thing is to love yourself". Paperback, 145 pages.

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